Evolution of a Rebuild
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This is "Reborn," which was previously "Daze of Thunder" or aka "the Clunker."

This beat but complete 1988 VLX started out as "the Clunker," it came home in January of 2000 (about the same time I had my chopper transformation going on) and soon became "Daze of Thunder" as I began learning how to turn wrenches on it. I sold the project to my friend Dennis, I helped him strip it back down and he had the frame repainted (apparently he didn't share my mild taste in colors), and I was helping him out on the restoration and rebuilding of the bike. He started getting the "riding itch" I once suffered from when I owned it, so now it has returned into my possession. I have since dubbed the bike "Reborn" after I was able to repair most of the wiring and get the motor to turn over via the switch rather than jumping the starter as it once required oh so long ago...

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Basket Case!
All parts were laid out and ready for reassembly after the frame and swingarm were painted.
First things first:
We drop the motor into the frame. Much easier than it sounds at this point (even moreso with a second person to assist with the lifting), this is more difficult on a fully assembled bike. With it fully disassembled, it was a simple matter of laying the motor on its side and lowering the frame over it, and sliding the motor mounts together. Tighten the mounts and lift upright, and you have what is seen to the left.
This part wasn't so simple...
The swingarm is not very cooperative, nor is it light either! A second person is also helpful here. The rear shock, rear wheel, and chain guard are also added. We had to move the project to a covered carport as it started raining. Imagine that, one of the few rainy days in Las Vegas and we had to pick one of them to slap a bike together on, of all the rotten luck!
Off the crate...
...in less than five hours, believe it or not! Add the front end while still on the lift (or in this case, a crate. Very simple work here), add the kick stand, and remove the milk crate! Lace the chain and secure the front sprocket cover. It's starting to look like a motorcycle now.
Getting an idea...
I had a set of buck horn style handlebars laying around along with a stainless steel air cleaner. The new tank was a deal I ran across, sadly the tank had too much rust that made its way to the exterior (see the brown stain near the back?). I picked up a replacement lower engine case cover at a good price from VLX forum member Steve (vlx600 at the forum) which replaced the horribly corroded one that came with the bike.
Current Status
Bodywork is being refined (again) for painting. THe rear frame section was lopped off to make way for a flat fender, and the front fender has been bobbed as well. Carbs have been cleaned/rebuilt and new insulator/boots have been acquired too (courtesy of VLX forum member Josh, aka PraiseTheLowered). I acquired a pair of replacement coils, master cylinder, and a stator (all from E-Bay) as well as a few minor parts such as the three dash lights and a fuel petcock off E-Bay (both from Steve/vlx600 again off E-Bay), all it really needs now is both lower case gaskets, a joint set for the carbs (just ordered from Waynesville Cycle Parts on 2/12/02), a battery, and a fresh set of plugs and I'm pretty confident that I'll get to hear the sweet sound of the motor firing up for the first time.

Once all that's knocked out of the way, and a few minor details such as new tires, brakes, etc, it'll be "whoa doggy" time, look out...
Early Pics of the Rebuild/Restoration Project

Basket Case!

<<< This is the look I'm going for eventually...

"Daze of Thunder" rolling chassis
earlier concept for the bike
which later was transferred to VLX-Max