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What's New at the Shadow Shack?

There's always something brewing. Shoot, I can't even keep up with it!

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Recent Activities

05/11/10 >>> A new Dudeman entry

04/22/10 >>> Misc. Pics page updated with new photos

03/01/10 >>> The Dudeman Chronicles - it has been a popular topic on a few forums over the past year or so, even though I can't claim ownership to the name or idea behind it I uploaded a few tales to my site for permanent reference. Good stuff, check it out and try not to drink & spit on your keyboard!

05/09/09 >>> What a trip...I had four MC batteries die in a span of two months!

06/14/08 >>> Not much in the way of bikes, but we caged a road trip to Florida and back for a couple weeks and had a blast.

04/03/07 >>> VLX-Max gets another face lift - I lopped off the tail frame and made it into a solo-seater with dragger styling cues: clipped fenders all around.

01/02/07 >>> Not much to report, things have been stagnant lately in the Shack 

06/13/06 >>> Reborn gets a compression check, doesn't look too good. Becomes officially designated as a parts bike until I suck it up and take a stab at tearing an engine down. It's not like I can screw it up any more, right?

04/12/06 >>> I slap a backrest onto the Dream in time to take the wife to Laughlin for a day. I kinda dig the look, so it's staying. 

01/11/06 >>> additional switchboxes acquired for 250 Rebel, splice bottom connectors into original wiring for longer wires on the ape hangers shortly afterwards. 

09/01/05 >>> Longer fork tubes assembled and slung into the trees. Dang this thing's startin' to look hot!

08/09/05 >>> Reborn gets a butt-lift, I lopped off the tail portion of the frame and slung a flat fender over the rubber for the old school look I was after.

06/21/05 >>> Wrench turning on the Rebel chopper is going well, got the mock up done.. Awaiting longer fork tubes, also need longer cables/lines. Also got a line on the aforementioned "non-Stocker" parts, looks promising. 13" apes recieved and slung, along with a pair of leftover Maltese Cross mirrors. Sweet...

03/31/05 >>> Modified frame arrives for the "Nifty 250" project! Time to start another chopper.

02/27/05 >>> A project I've been wanting to do is unfolding, research yields good results and strong possibilities

09/20/04 >>> Starting to tinker with ideas for the Stocker, involving non-stock parts. Doesn't get past the thinking stage. Not yet anyways...

10/9/04 >>> New shift gets changed to four 10 hour days, 3 days off. Three days off...life just doesn't get any better than that.

05/10/05 >>> Nailed a full time slot at work. Hurray! A regular shift with regular days off again!

05/01/04 >>> Hunting for parts begins with a bit of mad money to go around. A few nick-nacks and gew-gaws acquired along the way.

04/08/04 >>> First mods since career change! Hardtail is no more, it now sports a modified shock that puts it at near-hardtail stance as well as a set of raked trees. Rizoma parts suck...ask me why!

06/05/03 >>> Hired at new job, praise God! Hours not fixed, schedule changes each week but I can still keep a roof over both of our heads as well as the bikes.

06/01/03 >>> Lost my job, forget about any bike mods

05/12-21/03 >>> Rent a U-Haul trailer and travel cross country to Branson Missouri to meet fellow VLX Forum members at the third annual Branson Motorcycle Rally

12/20/02 >>> Shadolita goes under the knife for a surgery, funds become a bit tight afterwards so nothing new for a while.

06/14/02 >>> Another addition to the Shack! There is now a "Rebel Room" off to the side of the stable, occupied by a 96 250 Rebel. A few days later Rebel #2 comes home, a functioning bike but in need of some work...it serves as a functioning "yard bike", a.k.a. "the clunker junior"

02/14/02 >>> Shadow Shack is single no more...Mrs. Shadolita Shack is officially part of the team now.

01/27/02 >>> Reborn becomes mine once again, I buy it back as the owner can not afford to invest anymore time or money into it after losing his job.

11/03/01 >>> New Acquisition! A burgundy 88 VLX is brought home, this one is a birthday present for my girlfriend (at the time, she's my wife now. Call it an "engagement ring").

07/21/01 >>> 88 rebuild/restoration project returns to my garage for work, owner is supplying funds as they become available

05/25/01 >>> At the suggestion of a couple guys over at Strictly ACE750, I launch the VLX Forum at Delphi, branching from the SRF

04/18/01 >>> Hypercharger mod completed, screaming VLX-Max terrorizes Southern Nevada soon afterwards

10/07/00 >>> Purchased stock 92 VT-600 and began the hardtail conversion from the 88 project, sold the 88 soon afterwards. First internet-capable PC brought home soon afterwards, Shadow Shack goes online!

02/14/00 >>> Completion and maiden ride on VLX chopper. Dreams can come true on Valentines Day...

01/09/00 >>> Purchased 88 VT-600 "the Clunker" and began learning VLX wrenching

10/07/99 >>> Traded Vulcan straight up for a 95 VLX Deluxe, now dubbed "the Dream"

10/21/98 >>> Purchased second bike, a 1995 1500A "BUBF" Vulcan

05/18/97 >>> Acquired first MC, a black/yellow VLX Deluxe dubbed "the Stocker". Picked up from dealer a week later.