Bike #1: the Stocker
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"the Stocker" 1997 VLX Deluxe

This is my first bike that I purchased, brand new off the showroom floor in May of 1997. It's my primary ride, my everyday commuter, my first love if you will. What I really like about this one: she really shines up nicely!

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This is my favorite bike!
Believe it or not, even though I've sunk some cash into customizing the other two I still ride this one the most.
Portside View
Some folks ignore this side of the bike when taking pictures, but I think it makes for an interesting shot when done right.
3/4 Rear View
Good detail shot of the saddlebags w/ color matched rivets, chrome brake rod and polished brake drum.
Rear View
Good shot of that beefy rear tire and the wide look of the bags.
Chics Dig the Bike...
My wife really likes this bike also, in fact she won't ride with me on any of them except this one. The backrest gives a passenger some sense of security, they won't be flying off the rear under acceleration!
Saddle Bag Detail
These leather saddle bags were purchased used for less than a song. The rivets were rusted and dull, so I painted them a pearl yellow to match the theme of the paint. It really accents the bike's appearance.

"...where does he get those wonderful toys?"
One garage, five VLX's, and room to maneuver? One might think it to be impossible...

My Wife's VLX

88 VLX w/W&M Saddlebags and Honda-line windshield, radiator guard, and backrest

Recent pic, new fringed bags all around plus button tucked seat & backrest swapped from a Deluxe

The two Stock VLXes

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