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Welcome to the Shadow Shack!

I'll start with a brief introduction. My name is Richard, but most folks simply call me...Richard. As you can tell from the pics here, I have a passion for motorcycles (particularly the Honda VT-600 Shadow, but I've also become rather fond of the venerable Rebels too).

I'm also a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, and when I'm not out riding or working on my bikes I might be found reading comic books, target shooting, or watching one of the Star Wars flicks for the "Xth" time. I also host the VLX Riders Forum at Delphi, check the links section to see this community.

"These are my motorcycles, there are many others like them and unlike them but these are mine. My motorcycles are my best friends. They are my life. I must master them as I must master my life. Without me, my motorcycles are useless. Without my motorcycles I am useless. I must ride my motorcycles true. I must ride better than the cagers, who are trying to kill me. I must outride them before they crush me. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my motorcycles and myself are defenders of the open road, we are the masters of our highways and byways, we are the saviors of life. So be it, until there are no cagers, but peace. Amen."

Projects at the Shadow Shack

Watch this space for updates of my projects. Click on the "Evolution of a Rebuild" tab on the left to see one of my projects: "Reborn."

Also click on the Rebels page to see my current project, a CMX250 Rebel project dubbed as the "Nifty 250" aka the "cheaper chopper"!

Welcome To My Home Page !
I hope you enjoy the show.

This cool "comic bookie" logo was designed for me by Keith

and this geographically correct logo comes courtesy of BABailey

I did this one.


Home page: You're reading it now.

About the Shadow Shack: A brief description of my obsession with the VLX

the Stocker: A page dedicated to my first bike

the Dream: A page dedicated to my fantasy bike

VLX-Max: A page dedicated to the results of my own labor

Wife's Bike: One for my gal

The Rebels: a page detailing the "Mighty Mites"

Friends' Bikes: Pics of my buds' rides

Evolution of a Rebuild: sequential pics of "REBORN", alas a back burner project these days. 

Something different: the title says it all...

Misc. Pics: A page stuffed with photos taken over the years. Be patient with this one, it can take some time to load all 30 photos on dial up and you'll have to do some scrolling left to right

Future Projects: What's on my mind...

Another Pastime: another hobby I have been submerged in

My "other" Hobby: Something else I enjoy doing when off the saddle

What's New? I don't keep track anymore, that's why I added this page!

Contact Page: E-mail info & staff of advisors

Links: A few of my virtual stompin' grounds...

The Dudeman Files: You'll need mental floss and brain bleach for these sad but true tales.

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