Misc Pics
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Various Memorable and Favorite Photos

Collected from over the years
(more to come as they ae taken & scanned)

 Click on any image to view a larger photo


My VLX Customs

Four VLXes

Tale of Two Choppers

Bright Ride on a Gloomy Day

Taking a putt w/ the pooch
(autumn 2004)

My Wife, a.k.a. the Punisher!

Ride home from Laughlin 2006
Shakey's bike next to mine

At Zion National Park
Autumn 2000

Top of the arch at Zion
(reverse view of pic to the left)

En Route to the
2002 Laughlin River Run

Behold, the 2-headed bike!

Moody pic of my customs
(we don't get many days where the ground stays wet)

City Lights (1997)

1925 2-6-4 steam locomotive
Ely, NV 2007

Generations: Toyota trucks & Honda Shadows
(autumn 2004)

My two Dream girls taking a break

Light up the sky

Long bike, small truck
Still think yours won't fit?

Renewing our vows in Branson (2003)

Big ol' tree
Florida, 2008

Traditional holiday feast at the Shack
Turkey Day, 2009

Where I've Been...

Ghost Rider

Red Rock Canyon
spring 2005

Mr & Mrs Octane from VRCCC

a T-Rex Campagna,
one of my fave trikes

Tank & Gal, Anghrist of
VRCCC and myself

VRCCC Branson Crew
May, 2003

Getting a Trike Ride in
at the 2003 Branson Rally

On the Road