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I've lived here in Las Vegas since June 1983, and after all that time I decided to make an analysis of the yearly weather patterns so if you ever decide to come out here, this should serve as a good set of guidelines for planning your visit. I wrote this, so it's my copyright dag-gone it!

January: tail end of "winter proper", mid thirties temps. Starts getting windy toward end of month. Time to start dusting.

February: cool but not cold, lots of wind and some rain. Heavy gusts, highest hit 91mph in February 2002, making Chicago look like the breezy city. Perfectly timed of course with pollen and dust season.

March: spring is here, if you blink you might miss it. Summer starts soon afterwards, and folks start turning off their pool and jacuzzi heaters.

April: nice mornings and evenings, starts hitting 100 degrees on occasion. Just what the heck are April showers anyways? Pollen season ends but dust season continues.

May: 90+ degrees all month long. Time to dust the house again, after I just got finished dusting.

June: 100+ degrees all month long. Pool water is 80 degrees and the jacuzzi is just too hot to enter. Drain and refill either and enjoy 70 degree water for a few days.

July: 110+ degrees all month long. Summer is over, welcome to Death Valley. If you're awake at 4:30am you might catch an occasional 99 degree moment. I can't recall the last time the air conditioner was off.

August: 100+ degrees and humid. Occasional rain. Time to head to Wal Mart and pick up another case of Pledge and some more dustrags and feather dusters.

September: Summer vacation ends just in time for school to begin and also just in time for when the summer weather returns. 90+ degrees all month long.

October: returns to summer weather and starts cooling down, October 31 is the end of summer (episode 2) and it gets windy and nippy out.

November: feels like Autumn but the grass and leaves are all still green and flowers are still blooming. I'm confused...

December: two to three weeks of actual autumn weather, but I wasn't paying attention. I must have blinked again. The leaves finally start falling after temps drop below 40 degrees. Time to start wearing pants. December 25th is always a yellow/brown Christmas, indicating that it's time to rake the leaves. Or wait for January's winds to take care of it instead.

Speaking of raking leaves, here's one way I found that works:


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