Something Different...
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Here are a few radical machines I have come across since I started riding.

Incredible 72" Springer Chopper!
The owner of this wild thing works at Denver's Choppers. That front end truly is the eighth wonder of the world! I am going to try and contract him to build me a stock length springer front end for a VLX.

It's a motorcycle... it's a recreational vehicle...Heck, I don't know what it is! All I do know is the guy must get some strange looks when being passed on the freeway...

Harley Davidson Express
I really like this one! When you say "Road King," you said it all...


Unlike that thing General Grievous rides in
"Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith", this one is not CG...

The Dragon
This Harley is currently for sale and can be found at a gallery inside the Desert Passage at the Aladdin hotel/casino. For a mere 80 grand it could be all yours!

When you say "Ape Hangers..."
...You said an arm-full!

A Shoe!


Just how does one accessorize this trike?