My "Comic Corner"
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I've spent a great deal of my life (and income...) tracking down many hard to find comic books.
I've amassed quite a collection over the years, to be precise about 15,000 comics. I started back in college, collecting the entire series of Star Wars from Marvel and some Spiderman books, many which I had as a kid but lost during a move. I didn't stop once I was finished, I branched out into many different current and out of print books and still pick up an occasional "treasure" from time to time.

My oldest book is a Four Color Comics #5, featuring the first appearance of Raggedy Ann/Andy published in 1942. The WW2 era books are very rare to come by as paper recycling was a big thing during the American War Efforts. The "Rolls Royce" of my collection would have to be either a copy of Fantastic Four #48 (march 1966, 1st Silver Surfer) in VF+ condition or my golden age Captain America #53 (February 1946) in VG+ condition.

Captain America #111

March 1969
Written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jim Steranko, this classic cover continues to be reproduced as a homage even by today's artists.

Captain America first burst onto the scene in 1941 under Atlas comics, featuring the classic creative team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Jack kirby created most of the Marvel comics' super heroes in the 1960's. Sadly, he passed away in 1994 and is missed dearly in the comic communities.

Amazing Spider Man #129

February 1974
Written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Ross Andru (also recently deceased and missed). This issue featured the first appearance of "the Punisher," a controversial character that is willing to take the lives of his enemies, something that had never been illustrated in a comic until then.

Unlike conventional heroes who would pummel their arch-nemesis into submission (and would sooner or later escape captivity to further torment the hero), when the Punisher kicked someone's butt, it STAYED kicked!