Bike #3: VLX-Max
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"VLX-Max" 1992 VT-600
This is my first "custom build" project. I did practically all the labor on it myself after learning how to wrench with the 88 rebuild project (see "Evolution of a Rebuild.").

This beast started off 100% bone stock. First additions included 4" over tubes on the stock triple clamps, a slammed to the ground hardtail rear end (the shock was replaced with a fabricated solid strut), drag bars are mounted on pullback risers courtesy of a 750 Magna, side mounted license plate/tail light, a few other odds and ends were stripped/removed, Cobra slash cut pipes and a louvered air cleaner. The pipes and air cleaner were soon replaced by the mother of it all: a Harley spec Hypercharger mated to the stock airbox and a set of DG Kickers exhaust pipes. Maltese Cross mirrors were recently added to properly identify it as a true chopper.

Currently the solid rear strut was replaced by a modified OEM shock, the inner spindle was cut and rethreaded by a member of the VLX Forum and a lowering kit was added afterwards. This produced a squatty near-hardtail stance while at the same time providing some shock absorbing qualities too. +6 degree wide glide triple trees kicked the front out a little more, polished pullback risers compliment the overall finish up front, and a set of flush mount fork caps from Pete at completes the look of the polished trees.

The fender bobbing is the most recent mod, turning this one into a solo ride.

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Yamaha makes the V-Max, SS makes the "VLX-Max!"

It's about finished, there isn't much more that I can do to make any major improvements now aside from a nice paint job. A few little details remain, such as shaving the seat down into a racer-back style, some new grips and footpegs...but it's nearly done.

This pic was taken after we got home from opening day of the Punisher flick. My wife liked the movie, so I'm thinking about a Punisher theme for the paint.

Got Rake?

It had some decent rake before, but it looks far better now with a little more!

Triple Tree detail

Nicely polished, and the flush mount fork caps really finish them off.

Hypercharger detail
A nice close up of the charger with my own personal touch added.

Rear fender detail
Depicts the side mount tail light/license plate, along with cutting the frame and fender to the hilt.
Pre-performance photo
This is a pic of the bike before I went with the upgrades. It had a set of slash cut pipes and a stainless steel ventilated air cleaner. This is about as close to a stock pic of the bike as I have...I went straight to work on it as soon as it arrived home and I never took a pic of it in stock form.
Left side view, early pic
I said it before and I'll say it again, sometimes this side can make a great statement. In fact, this picture won a contest that netted me a cherry copy of a February 1988 Cycle Magazine, featuring the very first published article that reviewed the then all-new VLX!
Misbehavin' again!
I go through more rear tires this way...

"Ain't it cooool?"
She digs the bike --- for pictures. She doesn't like riding it backrest. That's why it's a solo seater now!

hardtail & longer forks,
raked trees & shortened shock

Pictured at the right is a before and after comparison from the raked tree mod. Notice how the bike is more leveled out now as the front sports more length and rake. Also note that the pipes are running closer to parallel with the ground now instead of aiming for it.

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